Nastheo is an upcomming Hardcore Dj-Producer,
trying to bring you a mindblowing mix of uplifting melodies
combined with the most Nasthiest Kickdrums…

Started at the age of 13, by creating mixed tapes with only a Cd-Tape-Radio combo…
Later on he bought his first dj-set and the hardcore virus got the better of him.
This virus started to consume him and it didn’t take long before it searched for a way to expand.
A producer was born… No, not born, molded!
Molded in the darkness in which this virus can preserve.
Forged in the kaos the music creates.
And fed by the everlasting passion!
The passion to infect the rest of the world with the so called NASTHEO-virus!

Be sure to check out the soundcloud-page to get a clearer view of
what the *BL##P* i’m talking about…

Demos of his productions can be found here and free sets of his preformences
(Black&Yellow2014, BoelsBDay2013, JaisCaf√©, Qbus Hardcore Fridays, BassIndustry2014…)
can be downloaded over here…

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For booking and more info mail to
or use the social media to get in contact!